Track progress towards sustainability targets

Monitor & analyse your carbon footprint

A cloud-based platform that enables organisations to easily measure, manage and identify opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and reach sustainability targets. SimbleTrack helps maximise data capture efficiency while minimising carbon footprints.

Sustainability analytics at its best

  • Consolidated Data

    A single source of truth for the diverse sustainability data spread throughout your organisation. Consolidate data from multiple sites nationally and internationally and monitor trends and progress towards targets.

  • Intelligent Analytics

    Leverage reporting templates and data management tools to reduce the effort and risk associated with financial management tasks, including the preparation of budgets, cost allocations, and analysis of utility procurement.

  • Report Generation

    Easily measure and report against international standards, including: GHG Protocol, NGERS, DEFRA and more. Gain insights to determine how to minimise climate risk and identify abatement opportunities.

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Founded in 1985, Jurlique International aims to provide pure, effective skin care through natural products. It is the only Australian beauty brand that has its own certifed biodynamic farm.

Yoshie Obara, Jurlique International Environmental Officer, approached Energy Management Consultants and Acresta Partner, Pangolin Associates about the need to align a carbon monitoring solution with Jurlique’s carbon reduction initiatives. Jurlique required a new, more effective management tool to replace software in place at the time. Yoshie outlined the company’s core ‘must haves’ as provision of live data, reliability, cost effectiveness, and a user friendly interface. Importantly, the company also wanted a partner in it for ‘the long run’.

According to Yoshie, CarbonView (SimbleTrack) is a significant improvement for the company. It is ‘straightforward to use and exible in customising the dashboard to suit Jurlique’s particular requirements’. The CarbonView tool enables Jurlique to uncover information that was previously unavailable to them.

According to Yoshie, the company has set a target of 20% reduction of electricity, waste and water by the end of 2015 (from a base year of 2010). Without CarbonView software Jurlique would not be able to track progress effectively.

Proud to work with

“SimbleTrack is straightforward to use and flexible in customising the dashboard to suit Jurlique’s particular requirements … without SimbleTrack software Jurlique would not be able to track progress effectively”,

Yoshie Obara, Environmental Officer, Jurlique International

Why SimbleTrack?

It transforms energy and resource data into insightful reports and results, providing businesses with advanced analysis for informed decision making. Our solution connects directly with multiple information sources to collect, track and manage energy consumption and carbon emissions. Organisations across all sectors are benefiting from our user-orientated reporting suite and easy distribution of information.