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A complete passive & active monitoring solution for aged care

With a continuing rise in the number of elderly people across the world, demand for technology-centric aged care services will increase significantly in the future. To meet this requirement, Simble has developed an innovative home care monitoring solution, SimbleHealth – empowering seniors with the opportunity to age more safely in their own homes. SimbleHealth is an innovative home care monitoring solution, powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. It consists of connected, non-camera based smart sensors placed strategically in a senior’s home or aged care facility to provide 24/7 monitoring of their daily activity. The IoT has long been talked about, but it is now at a very mature level, enabling providers to implement both ‘active monitoring’ and ‘passive monitoring’ solutions, ensuring greater transparency around their carers and increasing service levels for clients.

A complete monitoring solution

  • Full Time Monitoring

    Wireless sensors placed strategically in the homes of the elderly to provide full-time passive monitoring of their day-to-day activities. Sensors are designed to be inconspicuous, and blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

  • Visualise Client Data

    Real-time analytics are automatically highlighted on an online dashboard, which connected remote care teams such as in-home care providers or managed care organisations can use to automatically manage and visualise client data.

  • Proactive Intervention

    Smart algorithms assess subtle changes and abnormal patterns in an elderly client’s activity to identify and alert of potential health problems early on. These real-time insights can enable proactive early human intervention to help reduce mortality rates.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Through the use of historical data, machine learning (AI), and power and motion sensors, the activity of a client can be monitored 24/7 – thereby transforming aged care to a more preventative, proactive approach.

How SimbleHealth benefits aged-care

Using monitoring and connectivity services to advanced safety in aged-care.

Using Active Monitoring to increase safety, efficiency and reduce operational costs.

At its most basic level, where active monitoring is the mode of care, SimbleHealth can be deployed as a simple carers’ app. In most cases the carer only needs to know their scheduled client visits for the day, what tasks they need to perform for the client and also the shortest route between clients. These deployments have been estimated to generate efficiencies in the order of $3,000 per carer per year before taking into account benefits associated with quality control.

From a provider viewpoint, the ability to not only push this information out in real time, but also have the information that is entered by the carer sent back in real-time, gives assurance that the carer has performed their tasks at the time they were scheduled. More importantly, through the use of smart middleware that can provide alerts and alarms, the client experiences a better quality of service while the carer can also be monitored with KPIs.

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Advancing healthcare through technology

Aged care and health organisations can benefit significantly from an increase in monitoring and patient analytics through SimbleHealth. Our proprietary system provides the missing link in technology that creates a safer and more efficient healthcare industry.