Energy Visualised.

Monitor & analyse your energy data in real-time

The world of energy is changing. Energy costs are increasingly controllable. When managed proactively, energy can become a powerful lever for improving operational performance and supporting growth. SimbleEnergy makes energy visible for consumers and suppliers. It is a flexible and scalable energy management platform offering a range of visualisations – from web based control to residential mobile apps. SimbleEnergy provides historical and real-time visibility of multi-site sensor data as well as value add reporting and analytics. The platform enables an operational view of energy usage across diverse sites for multiple uses – for electricity, both single and three phase, gas, solar down to, plug load level.

Smart technology for true energy analysis

  • Smart Sensors SimbleEnergy provides an operational view of energy flows across diverse sites for multiple uses – including smart IoT monitoring and analysis of electricity, water, gas, solar, and battery power.
  • Dashboard Analytics Intuitive dashboards display consumption information supplied by high frequency, real-time data feeds from energy meters and smart sensors directly to any smartphone or web device.
  • Rules Engine Set and receive custom notifications, manage costs, and avoid utility bill shock with a built-in tariff engine, budgeting tools, and the ability to alert against anomalies in real-time.

Why companies choose Simble

View some of our clients taking energy analysis to the next level.

Monitoring the effectiveness of energy efficiency upgrades for Swissôtel's Flagship Sydney hotel

Swissôtel Sydney is a luxury five-star hotel located in the heart of Sydney and recently embarked on a major renovation, which built sustainability into the project from the ground up. A major component of the refit was energy efficiency measures including upgrading the lighting in the rooms and shared hallways to LEDs, replacing appliances such as in-room fridges with higher efficiency rated appliances, and upgrading the air conditioning system in each room. Despite these efficiency improvements the hotel’s energy bill increased dramatically as each floor was commisioned.

Swissôtel engaged KMH Environmental (KMH) to conduct a review of their energy usage to determine why their energy bill was increasing. KMH installed sub-meters powered by SimbleEnergy to provide an effective operational tool. The sub-metering system monitored individual rooms as well as entire floors enabling the exact cause of excessive energy usage to be isolated within a week. The issue turned out to be a HVAC system setting causing the cooling and heating working continuously against each other. Once corrective action was taken, Swissôtel Sydney was able to identify immediate savings of $20,000 per month on their electricity bill. In addition to these significant savings, the hotel also had access to data confirming the stated improvements in average room efficiency due to lighting and appliance upgrades.

“The problem was quickly isolated to the room air-conditioning controls and once these were reconfigured, Swissotel Sydney was able to realise immediate savings of approximately 50% in every guest room, or $20,000 per month on their electricity bill.” ROBERT NICHOLSON – Principal Energy Consultant, KMH Environmental

Proud to work with

“By using SimbleEnergy we will be able to measure and verify the savings
achieved both in raw cost of energy and cost of carbon offsets”,

Wells Trenfield, Managing Director, Jasper Coffee

Visualise, analyse and take action

New technologies – ranging from new generation techniques to the collection and exchange of data offered by IoT (Internet of Things) devices to managing and harnessing the power of ‘big data’ – are transforming the energy services industry.

SimbleEnergy is a platform that can work in tandem with current utility data and multiple systems to provide a clear picture of energy use across a range of locations. This information facilitates customer engagement services including measurement and verification, demand management, bill validation or customised software visualisations.